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DWI? More Like DW-Why?!

No one wants to get caught driving while intoxicated. It’s not only a dangerous act that can put you or others at risk, but it can, and will, cost you a pretty penny. Regardless of whom you are or why it happened, driving under the influence won’t let you wiggle under the radar, even if you managed to get out of it physically unharmed.

For anyone who hasn’t ever been charged with a DWI before, these are the basics of what can happen, for those living in Texas. It starts out with post bail, which can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars, up to a few thousand. If you show up to your scheduled court appointment, most of this will be refunded to you, however counting in the towing and impounding of getting your vehicle back will up you another one to two hundred dollars minimum. Similar to the post bail fee, a high fine of anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand will be charged against you as well.

In summary, anywhere from over two thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars can be charged to a first-time DWI offense taking into consideration all of the above as well as if a minor of less than fifteen years of age was present in the vehicle during the time of the intoxicated driving. Taking into account all of the costs, you can estimate a total of over ten thousand dollars for a first-time offense alone. In addition to all of this, mandatory education classes and treatment programs may be required as well as a license suspension.

Now, if you’re looking at those numbers and your head is absolutely spinning, there are ways to defend yourself, starting with not immediately pleading guilty to a DUI charge and contacting an attorney so that they can find the strengths and weaknesses in your case and potentially help you to receive less charges, rather than full charges if you were to plead guilty right away. Taking the time to look over the facts of your case can prove to be favorable, and although you may not win the case, the risk of all charges being pressed against you can be eliminated exponentially.

The best way to avoid DWI’s and their costly consequences are to simply not drive while intoxicated, and if you’re already stuck in that unfortunate predicament – never run away from the situation, but instead try your best to alleviate as much of the charges as possible in a quick and timely manner. Having your arrest details scoured by a professional and talented Houston DWI attorney is the best way to avoid the severe outcomes of a DWI offense case in Texas, as they may be able to pick up flaws in the case that would have otherwise heightened your chances of a serious charge.

In short – know that even if you’ve already gotten yourself under a DWI charge, there are ways to ensure that you’re not stuck paying off twelve thousand dollars in fines and fees for months to come, all because of one tricky mistake.